Divoom Beats


Divoom Aurabulb

... AuraBulb is a smart music lamp for the 21st Century. It is a bluetooth speaker, a lamp, a speakerphone and an alarm in all in one. Perfect for your office, nursery, bedroom and home foyer.

Starting From ₹3899.00

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Divoom Aurabox

... The bluetooth 4.0 equipped aurabox allows a greater connection range, while restricting any interferences to maintain its superior sound quality box contains micro-usb charging cable x1 3. 5mm aux cable x1 user manual x1

Starting From ₹4399.00

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Divoom Timebox

... Divoom Timebox-Mini is the most unique desktop companion with the versatile functions up in its sleeves. It's a fine-tuned Bluetooth speaker, a pixel art canvas, a smart alarm, a 16 Million RGB LED lamp, and also a powerful computing device. It will continue to evolve through both Apple and Andriod Apps software updates. where it brings excitement and fun to your daily life.

Starting From ₹5499.00

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360° True Surround Sound

The Voombox Party delivers its stunning audio with the industry leading 6 drivers design. Equipped with the impressive 30watts of audio power, this flagship model equipped with the latest audio technology, which all precision-tuned by the Divoom sound engineers. On top of its major audio improvements, the new Voombox-Party can also charge your mobile device with its new charging capability. The award winning rugged design withstands any harsh environment, while the NFC pairing and built-in microphone enables the convenience features.


2nd generation + selfie remote shutter

Bluetune Bean is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with powerful microphone capability; it works with iPhone, iPad or any other Bluetooth-enabled devices the incredible sound quality with such a small speaker. Listen to your tunes all day With 6 hours of play time you won’t miss a beat


High-quality 2.1 wireless speaker

ONBEAT-500 is the most elegantly designed speaker by Divoom. Within its modern chassis, ONBEAT-500 packs a serious audio punch with the 2.1 design, and the active subwoofer and full range passive radiator take the bass to a whole new level. Whether the soul-relaxing classic or the heart pumping trance, the ONBEAT-500 can always deliver the most impressive tune to its audiences.


Inspired by Light and Sound

Timebox is the 4th generation of the Divoom pixel art speaker line-up. Through its modernly designed chassis, it delivers the DSP-tuned fine audio. With the powerful Divoom Smart application, users can enjoy its fun pixel art creation and other massive functions. Auto Sleep Timer great to listen and fun to play. The evolution is here!


The New Element of Music

Equipped with two pairs of symmetrical lined-up DSP-tuned full ranges and high performance tweeters. Divoom Atom produces a 20 watts stunning audio to both sides of the speaker, and you can further enhance the incredible sound by linking another Divoom Atom. The full spectrum RGB chroma LED also takes the music experience to a whole new level, where you can enjoy the future of acoustic like never before.


Ultra rugged portable speaker w/360°audio

The all new Voombox outdoor features the industry leading six drivers design, and it produces the amazing sound to the 360°omni direction, where you can further enhance the incredible audio by linking another Voombox Outdoor. Along with its IP6 waterproof design, USB charging capability, and NFC pairing; it’s time to Make Audio Great Again!


Extreme Rugged portable speaker

Divoom Voombox Travel is an ultra-portable wireless speaker with the built-in microphone. A tough built metal case with the brilliantly sounded speaker, all hand-picked and fine-tuned by Divoom’s professional audio engineers. The Divoom Voombox Travel is built-to last, and it will accompany you on your journeys.


Smart LED Speaker with APP Control for LED Light Bulb

Smart Bluetooth speaker Fine-tuned sound for relaxation. Divoom professionally tuned 2” 5-Watts speaker with the passive radiator.Free proprietary mobile application for both iOS and Android systems, supports latest iOS 7 and up on iphone4/4s/5/5s/6/plus, iPad 2/3/4, ipad air & mini1/2; and most Android devices (including: Google Nexus 4/5/6/7/9/10, HTC One, LG, Samsung and others). Support third party music application.


Bluetooth Speakers Wireless with Mic

AuraBox is a smart music gadget beyond your imagination. It is a Bluetooth speaker, a lamp, digital palette, thermometer, an alarm clock, all in one which await for your exploration. To be inspired by sound and light, try this box of wonder and fun. Equipped with the latest 3D digital calculation and low-range bass enchantment technology.